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Thursday, June 30, 2005



Ah, the hump. I think I might be, theoretically, over it.

Over the hump, not humping. Not hump day. Over THE hump.

Yesterday was a very strange and oddly interesting, but not necessarily in that good way, day. I spent most of it being stressed out about one thing or another and basically pissed off at other things for the rest of it.

I was freaking out that my income earning potential appeared to be "down" in the month of June, until I realized I had taken five "work days" off and hadn't worked any weekends in June. So then my income earning potential was right about, well, right.

I did, however, put out a couple feelers for some new transcription clients just in case.

Then, I was stressed out about my weight. I've been avoiding discussing this, but I joined Weight Watchers to try to get it under control. And I know that I had said I wasn't going to discuss my weight successes in pounds, but I've got to say I've lost 10.5 pounds. I gained a pound back last week and just about shit my pants. Of course, I did not shit my pants enough to give myself back the fucking pound I gained. So I've been working all week on that.

I am also exercising almost every day in the gym in my complex with a couple of the gals in the apartment office, which is always a good thing. I need to keep going to Curves though, because it's a more all-over body workout and it will help me stay toned up. Plus, I need to prove to myself that I can be consistent about it.

And then everything changed, when I talked to S. yesterday and he seemed upbeat, and I felt upbeat, and we had a good conversation. You see, he called me after my afternoon workout, which meant I left all of my work stress and my "stupid people stress" down in the gym. I'm trying to do that as a way to just get rid of my day and signal to myself that I am done working. Otherwise I'd work all night. Seems to be working.

I've been hanging out on a cruise website during the days too when I'm not working, reading forums and asking questions about our upcoming cruise. I can't tell you how excited I am about this cruise, and I think S. is very excited too. Carnival gave us an amazing military discount and we've been totally happy with the service we've received from them so far. The more I learn the happier I am with our choice, and now I just want it to be Halloween so we can be on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

I'm even sending my cruise guy at Carnival a thank-you card today in the mail. Hopefully he'll get a kick out of it. Yes, friends, that is how happy I am with all his help. He's really been a lifesaver, especially because it seems like I am incapable of thinking straight for more than an hour or two at a time while S. is gone. What the hell happened to me? I used to be an independent woman, and now I feel like I'm walking around with one leg missing.

Oh yeah. I fell in love. That would be it.

We're almost to July, and I am actually looking forward to having a long weekend. I might actually haul my chubby ass out to the swimming pool on Monday and lounge around and try to get a teeny bit of sun, or maybe exercise a little bit. Who knows?

All I know right now is, I am waiting on a packet of work to get here, then I'm going to go out, run to the drug store, maybe to the beauty supply store, maybe to the dollar store (I fucking love rummaging through stuff at the dollar store) and then I'm going to go get my nails done. And then maybe, just maybe, I will come home and work just a little bit. And then I'm going to the gym.

I just thank all of you for helping me stay on track.

Thank you.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005



1) One of the Airmen in hubby's shop came by the apartment yesterday, to pick up a box of stuff. I was going to ship it to the APO but there's a tail swap, so instead my little care package will be on its way to where he is and he'll actually get it tonight or tomorrow. This Airman is someone we've hung out with before. He didn't strike me as particularly anything but you know, just a nice guy. But when he was hanging out and throwing darts and having a beer with us, he was in his civilian clothes. Not yesterday, yesterday he showed up in crisp, pressed BDUs with his sleeves rolled up and the hat on. And as he was leaving I found myself thinking, "Rawr." Then I thumped my head into the wall, annoyed that apparently nowadays all it takes to turn me on is someone looking sharp in uniform.

2) When I went to the Post Office to send a package to a client, I was heading out. There's an "in" door and an "out" door at the Post Office. It's not that hard to figure out. So some idiot kid runs ahead of his family-of-four and pushes the "Handicapped Access" button. You know, instead of actually pulling on the handle to the "in" door. Be reminded, I am standing right at the fucking "out" door and was ready to go out it. So he pushes the "Handicapped" button and the "OUT" door opens up. And his family-of-four comes in through the out door. Then, the other two people who were approaching behind them, come in through the "out" door. Then, the kid, taking up the rear, says, "Hey mom, that's the "out" door." I did not kill anyone.

3) I am working in the office with the blinds closed, and have been for two days, because the view at the pool gets distracting and I want to get more work done.

4) I e-mailed two clients yesterday asking them for more work.

5) I have not cooked a "real meal" for myself in nearly two weeks, and am living off frozen dinners, raw vegetables, and side dishes.

6) I had more dreams last night and the night before about kissing boys, and it is getting unnerving.

Aside from that, how are y'all doing? Happy Tuesday.

Today I am 25% of the way through hubby's TDY.

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Monday, June 27, 2005



Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Go now. Go, and be one of us.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005



I am the horniest woman on the planet.

Whew. Now that I've gotten that out of the way shared that tidbit...

No, but seriously, honestly, it's true. I'm missing having S. in the bed next to me, and it's starting to make me completely and totally even more insane than I normally am. I have a body pillow that wears one of his T-shirts and a squirt of his cologne. It doesn't help. I have eleventy-seven different vibrators. It doesn't help. I have so much pr0n I couldn't watch it all if I tried to make a pr0n marathon. It doesn't help. I'M ROSE, AND APPARENTLY I HAVE A SEX PROBLEM.

I can't watch TV without getting all hot and horny-fied over men on the tube. Michael Buble, my new vocalist hottie dreamboat, the guy in that Starbucks commercial (I know Some Girl knows what I'm talking about, and swoons for him too)... John Mayer, who is my cradlerobbing music hottie, who I've been listening to almost constantly, too... Val Kilmer (before he hit the wall). Kurt Russell. Damn you, Tombstone, and all the times you were on TV this weekend. And don't even get me started about Stripsearch on VH1 or the movie Closer (which doesn't actually SHOW any real sex in it, but has lots of sex talk, and the hottest of the hott, Clive Owen (King Arthur). Oh. My. God. Can I share a flat with you in London, Clive? You can fuck me six ways from Sunday. Or you know, I mean you could, if I wasn't married and everything. I need to add Clive Owen to my "Top Five Freebie Celebrity Lays" list. A girl can dream.

Should we talk about the fact that I have a perfect view of the pool, and subsequently a perfect view of hottie Airmen and Navy Boys who like to parade around in their swimsuits and shop the grounds for chicks? Which means they strut around with their stomachs sucked in and their chests stuck out and their brightest, cutest flirty smiles on? *sigh* I'm doomed.

Maybe we could discuss the fact that I'm bordering on having to order some new pr0n because I am shamefully without anything I haven't seen yet, and watching the same scenes over and over again just isn't doing it for me.

And here's the weirdest thing. My fantasies the last few days -- well, the ones that haven't involved my husband, He Who Knows How I Like It And Gives It To Me Good, have all revolved around ... dates. Yes, it's true. I'm freakin' fantasizing about genuine person-to-person contact of the sort that actually LEADS UP to sex, and not necessarily about the sex itself. I believe that is a byproduct of being alone the majority of the time, and having pretty much my dog to talk to. I'm fantasizing about guys, wanting me. I am ACHING TO FEEL WANTED, and it's kind of rough to get that kind of hot phone-sex action from your hubby when he's talking to you from a public phone in the middle of the public room in a dorm on an air base halfway across the freaking world, and there are other folks waiting to use the phone. I know you love me, tell me again, and again, and again, but I want to hear how you're gonna completely fuck me retarded, my darling. What's that? Unsecured line? Operator could break in? Aw, crap.

I'm going a little crazy.

S. says he's going to take stock in some company that makes rechargable batteries so various and sundry Mechanical Implements Of Keeping His Wife's Sex Drive In Check don't end up cracking and crumbling under the pressure and so they keep doing, well, what they're supposed to be doing.

All I know is, when I start having sex dreams about the likes of Alton Brown (don't get me wrong - I love 'em cute and geeky (ohmygod do I love them cute and geeky), but cheeseandrice, it's Alton Brown)... well, somethings awful. (side note: in this dream I was not actually having sex with Alton Brown. He was, ironically, teaching me how to have sex. Me. Teaching me. C'mon, people.

Hubby got a chuckle out of that one, by the way, and has mandated that I must change the channel off the Food Network from time to time so as not to enlist more foodies into my sex dreams. It's easy for him to talk. He took the laptop with him, which I believe was probably loaded down with gigs of internet pr0n. Two days after he left, the hard drive in his machine died, thus nixing my access to the internet pr0n. Sucks to be me.

So, I just find myself sitting in front of the boob tube and looking for gratuitous instances of Man Meat (even Geeky Man Meat) parading across the screen. I think I realized just how traumatized I am right now, when I was watching VH1's "40 Least Metal Moments" and they had Kip Winger on... talking about being a ballerina... and I was saying to myself, "Uh-huh. Uh-HUH. Do another pirouette, baby."

I'm sorry, when the smooth feeling of my freshly-shaved um, self, against well, my freshly-shaved um, self, starts to turn me on, there's a problem.

So besides being sidetracked by sex dreams, dating dreams, flirting dreams, and fantasies about my hubby, people I know, people I don't know, and people I see on TV, I haven't done much of anything the last few days. Regular stuff. Just keeping up with what needs to be done around here. We're almost 2 weeks into an 8-week stint. 25% of the way there. I better be this horny because I'm ovulating or something insane, or else I'm going to be in a heaping mess of trouble, and very grumpy.

Maybe I'll watch Napoleon Dynamite tonight, as there is no fucking way I could possibly get turned on by anyone in that movie.

If I do, don't worry. It will make perfect blog fodder. And it will also mean I am a dirty, dirty girl.

As if saying the word "fuck" so many times in one post doesn't imply same.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005



I have an absolutely amazing, dear, dear friend who does not read this blog as far as I know. I think he knows I have a blog. But I do not believe he has the URL to it.

While chatting with me earlier today he asked me, in the course of trying to find things for me to do and motivate myself, if I am still writing.

Long, long ago, and far, far away, Rose fancied herself a writer. I wrote short stories and antecdotes, and I also wrote poetry.

I like to tease and say that it was "bad, sorrowful, teenage angst-ridden poetry." But, it was good stuff, honestly. And it was probably a very good way for me to get out a lot of my emotions.

So today I told him I had not been writing besides my blog, and he urged me to write a poem or a short story. Or something. When I expressed that nothing I am feeling right now could be "happy shiny people" or "sunshine and Roses," he suggested that nothing I had ever written, really, was sunshine and roses.

And that he didn't want that.

And that he just wanted me to be real.

And for me to write him something.

Something real.

Since I only know what I feel, here's what came out.

The sky is perfect.
We walk along the beach
hand-in-hand, bargaining with the vendors
and playing a fruitless game of hide-and-seek
with those souls who fly along the shore
as the crystal waters foam against the sand.

A desert painted pallette
of sunsprays reach across the horizon
as blue fades into gold
and you stop and hold me near.
Day passes into blackness.

The surf sings a melody
and I sink into the sand
the air smells like salt and love and lust and sex
and we pull one another close;
I breathe with you, you give me life.

I move against my pillow
and reach for you but you elude me
and my eyes feel like I should say "open sesame"
to reveal my fractured reality.
You are gone.

And I climb against another day
looking carefully for the next foothold
that will suspend my disbelief
and allow me to perch in denial of my pain
longing for another sunset.

I press against the cliff face
a cold, hard reality
and I hang on for dear life
until the day you reach for my hand
and pull me to safety again.

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Monday, June 20, 2005



Mercilessly jacked from Margi:

Your IQ Is 125

Your Logical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

A Quick and Dirty IQ Test

Well, at least that's something to make me feel a little better on a Monday morning, right?

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Friday, June 17, 2005



Sorry, heard "Boys In The Hood" (the Dynamite Hack re-make) in the truck today and it's in my head.

I'm kind of on cloud nine.

First of all, as unprofessional as it sounds to say, I pretty much completely blew off work today. I can't even believe I did it, but I did. I got up on time and everything, but you know, I just wasn't feeling it.

I was having an eye problem.

I couldn't see myself working.

So, I ended up farting around, arguing with the USAF a little over an administrative squabble, waiting around for the mailman who never came (and therefore did not bring me my "rush" work that I had allotted time for, so I continued to blow off work), went to the store for some fresh fruit...

Talked to S. TWICE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if it was that, that got me all jacked up. No wait, who am I kidding? Of course it got me all jacked up. He's doing well, by the way, and I might actually get to hear from him TOMORROW too.

Internet service from there sucks balls, so he's not going to be e-mailing me much. Oh well, I'd rather talk to him if I can anyway.

So then I put together a stunning fruit and angel food cake tray for the Pagan Study Group tonight, watched some Judge Judy, and then got a call from the manager at my apartments who is also doing the same program I'm doing food/health-wise and wanted to know if I wanted to work out at 4:30 in our gym. So I told her yes, and went to work out.

And I worked out!

Go, me!

So. Now I have endorphins and I'm all pumped up and sweaty and shit, I talked twice to hubby, so I have fodder for dreams, talked to my sister, talked to my mother, chatted with and emailed with some amazing friends today, and overall things were pretty good.

Now, I'm going to go shower, brush my new red hair so I can show it off to the group, get my fruit tray together and wait til my knights in shining armor come and pick me up to take me to the study group since I've never been to this person's house before and couldn't find it in the dark if it was lit up with holiday lights, because I am a dumbass like that.

And hopefully then tomorrow my rush work will show up and I will get some of it done.

Yeah, yeah.

So anyway... thank you again and again, a million times over for all of your kind words of support, e-mails, IM's, e-cards... you guys really know how to make a girl feel like she hasn't fallen off the face of the earth. I can't thank you all enough.


Thank you.

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... and is causing most of my sidebar to not show up. I think that's the culprit anyway. I have temporarily disabled my Zeitgeist.

I'm sorry!

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Thursday, June 16, 2005



Hi, all.

Well, I did hear from S. not yesterday but the day before. He's there and is safe. I hear yesterday was Steak Night at the chow hall.

I haven't heard anything from him since, though, so I'm kind of climbing the walls. Comes with the territory.

Other than that, I've had a hard drive crash (his, not mine) and some other life/USAF problems that I'm having trouble dealing with because I am a total and complete control freak.

So, instead I tried to bury myself in my work and then met the beautiful Non-Blogging Kay for a hot fudge and cherry sundae at Braum's for dinner, because that's the kind of bitch I am.

At least I ate something.

That's more than I can say for the majority of the last two days.

I also got a call from one of my clients telling me he's going to bombard me with work since I am "back in the saddle" and that he's overnighting me some stuff.

So it looks like my wish of enough work to keep me busy is going to be a biggun.

I wish I had more to say. I'm still adjusting, it's halfway raining here (kind of that "the sky is pissing on me" kind of rain) and I just wish I'd hear from my husband so he can give me some perspective about these bullshit things that are so completely out of my own control.

I'm just sad.

And with that, I think I'm going to log off for a while and try to work.

Thank you everyone for all of your kind words.

Mwah, y'all.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005



Well, it's done.

Last night S. got me up at just after 3:00 a.m., I cleaned up a little and got dressed and took him up to the base where he was going to finish up his briefings and get on a plane bound for somewhere.

I figured I might hear from him by 4:00 or so my time, but I haven't heard from him yet.

I've been kind of beating myself up all day. There are so many reasons why I shouldn't feel this sad, or I shouldn't feel this alone, or I shouldn't feel this worried, or I shouldn't feel this lost.

I keep comparing myself to the other amazingly brave and giving and loving and wonderful military wives that I've had the chance to meet, and what I know they have gone through. And while I consider us amazingly blessed that our situation is different than what so many have to go through, at least this time, I have this amassing, huge wave of guilt over the fact that I do feel alone, sad, worried, and lost.

He's not gone for a year, he's gone for 60 days.

He's not going to the war, he's going to a support location.

He's not living in a tent or a hole in the ground, he's living in a dorm on an air base.

He's not completely out of contact, he will have limited internet and phone.

He's not somewhere that he can't be called by me, I can actually phone him within reasonable limits.

He's not shooting a gun, he's working on computers.

He's not hunting down or hiding from the enemy, he can freely roam the area where he's going to be and he can actually "see some stuff and have some fun" while he's there.

And yet, I still feel lost.

My husband is my best friend. I know lots of people say that, and I always feel a connection to the ones who describe it the way I live it. If you were able to ask anyone who knows me and my husband, together, you would get the same story from them. We're just happier when we're together. We enjoy nearly every moment we have together. As a good friend of mine put it to me today, it doesn't make me dependent, or weak, or anything like that when I state truthfully and honestly that I don't like to think about doing things without my husband. We're just that closely a part of one another's lives. We share the same spirituality, we are soulmates, we truly enjoy one another's company, and we take massive amounts of joy in caring for one another.

Which will explain why it's now time for me to be winding down and starting dinner... but there's no one here to cook for except me.

And that makes me sad.

It's the moments like this, these times of the day, when we'll be apart and I'll be expecting him to walk through that door and say "Wow baby, something smells great" or "The house is looking really nice today" or "thank you for doing all my laundry" or "here, let me pour you a glass of wine, why don't you get out of the office for a while and relax." This is when it's going to be hard for me. When I would shift gears from being businesswoman to being wife.

I overheard him on the phone the other day to some friends of his, telling them how proud he is of me that I'm so successful in my own business, and how he can't wait to get home so we can "go on our fancy vacation" and then we can get around to the business of trying to conceive. It warmed my heart to hear him talk about me so lovingly and positively and to absolutely beam when he spoke about our future like that.

And right now I just wish I were cooking him dinner.

Another dear friend of mine today pointed out that I must be a caring and giving person if here I am being worried about my other military wife friends who are going through so much more than I am going to go through - looking down the barrels of years apart from their spouses, doing so with kids in the picture, going sometimes weeks without hearing from their husbands, who are in hostile areas and are in great danger. I mean, here I am beating myself up because I "have it too good," and my husband isn't in a dangerous enough situation or won't be gone for long enough for me to deserve to feel this way.

It makes me feel selfish.

So that's where I am right now, emotionally. I'm trying to talk myself into cooking a healthful and delicious meal for myself, but I'll probably end up having a frozen dinner. I didn't buy a bottle of wine today because I didn't want to end up drinking it all.

And more than anything, I wish my phone would ring or my email would beep with news of him having made it safely.


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Sunday, June 12, 2005



... and I want to start winning, goddammit.



Have you joined Blingo yet? If you haven't, would you consider joining with me?

Blingo is a Google-based search engine that gives away prizes just for searching! My new friend Stacy is a Big! Winner! And it just finally occurred to me that I should get with the program.

So, won't you please click on the button in this post or in the sidebar, and then do this - and this is very important - USE BLINGO - for your web searches! That way, if you win, I win! And then spread the word and get folks to sign up with you... if THEY win, then YOU win!!

C'mon! Let's win! Can't you feel it? There's winning in the air, I tell you!

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Friday, June 10, 2005



Here's a picture of my new red hair, courtesy of Feria by L'Oreal. I'm going to try to get a couple better pictures because even though these were in direct afternoon sun, you still can't **REALLY** see how red it is. It's actually redder than that looks. It's got all kinds of cool highlights and stuff in it, and it really is kind of fiery. But I love it.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005



What's that? Giddy, you say? On the almost-a-few-days-away-eve of your husband heading off to TDY? Giddy, Rose? Y'all probably think I'd better lay off the sauce, right?


I'm just reminded how much we're blessed with lots of things at one time.

First of all, let me just say that I have refrained from posting that our brand fucking new laptop has been "in the shop" with an RMA since the 24th of May, becuase it died. So, first giddy thing is, it showed up this morning (but not before much tooth-pulling, corporate-office-calling, and foot-stomping, which is fodder for another post entirely). So, hubby has the laptop back. And there are now rumors circulating about a wireless hotspot at the undisclosed location in question, so chances are I'll have some good e-mail and internet contact with him. Maybe we can SKYPE! (Mental note: better sign up for skype)

Then, I found out that he is probably only going to be gone for 60 days instead of 90+ days! Woo!

Then, I found out that he is still in the running for an NCOIC position at our home-base, and that someone higher-up is putting in a good word for him! Double Woo! So he might come home to a new job!

Then, I found out that where he's going isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Triple Woo!

And! Then!

The skies! Opened! And sunshine poured! Out!


On Military.com I saw an advertisement for Carnival Cruises, and that they are offering up to 50% off on certain cruises to certain destinations. Guess which cruise they're offering 50% off for, for military families, that we'd be interested in?

Oh, nothing much, just the exact one we were interested in. A 7-day Western Caribbean cruise leaving out of Galveston, TX, later this fall. It's actually going to be FREAKING AMAZING. What's that? Going to be, you say? How do you know it's going to be, you would ask?

Because I put down a deposit on it, today! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

It's a 7-day cruise out of Galveston with stops in Progreso, Mexico, Cozumel, Mexico, and Belize City, Belize. I'm gonna climb a Mayan pyramid and I'm going to see Tulum on the ocean cliffs and we're going to go power snorkeling on a coral barrier reef in Belize!

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. It gives us something to look forward to.


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Tuesday, June 07, 2005



Mercilessly hijacked from Rue...

You Are O-Renshi the Yakuza Queen
You are O-renshi, the Yakuza Crime lord who works
for Bill and helped destroy "The
Brides" wedding and almost kill her.

Which Kill Bill Character are you: Volume 1
brought to you by Quizilla

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Apparently my new Pimp Name is Dopetastic M. Shizzle.

Go here to find your own.

Pimp Name Generator

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I finally got a Flickr Daily Zeitgeist. The pics on the right side are all shots I've taken. I'm determined to take some time in the next three months to get more back into my photography.

Check it out.

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Monday, June 06, 2005



I had been planning a big long post about all the cool shit we did this weekend.

It was brewing and stewing and getting ready to come out.

Then we got the call.

S. leaves for his TDY/Deployment THREE WEEKS EARLY, and is leaving on Monday.

So after tomorrow I'm taking the rest of the week off work and I don't know how much I'll be around until after he's gone. Just gotta get our ducks in a row and everything, you know?

Don't forget about me, please?


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Friday, June 03, 2005



Dear DHL Man:

I'm writing to tell you that you're a fucktard.

When I traced my package containing my new 22" monitor, which weighs 80 pounds and is at least 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet, it said the package had been delivered.

Interestingly, I wanted to point out that at the time it was supposedly delivered I was not only at home, but was in my kitchen making lunch.

I'd also like you to note that my kitchen is 5 feet from my front door.

And thirdly, please take down the fact that I have a dog, who would have heard you knock on the door if you had knocked.

Instead, I am convinced that instead of carrying my 80 pound box up a very tall flight of stairs, you chose to come to my door, quietly leave me a note, and then deliver the package to the apartment office, two buildings over.

In case you hadn't noticed, you're fucking with the wrong customer.

That's why I called DHL to complain, and that's why they offered to send you back to pick up the package two buildings over at the office and fucking carry it up to my door, where it should have been delivered in the first place.

Don't fuck with me buddy, I'm hormonal.


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Anybody else see this?

Overheard in the Rose & S. household during "Hit Me Baby One More Time":

Re: Loverboy

"Dude, he's all bloaty looking. It's like John Force (NHRA funny car driver) sings bad karaoke."

Re: Flock Of Seagulls

"Good lord, what's his charity going to be? www.teachasingerhowtosingagain.com?"

Re: Tiffany

"Wow, she's a real readhead, huh? Why didn't they say anything about her getting naked in Playboy?"


"She's got mommy boobs."


"She keeps bending over like that and showing off her cleavage, she'll win."

We loved Arrested Development (though I adored them when I was younger anyway) and I was glad to see them win.

Flock of Seagulls sounded terrible.

What else?

Nothing else.

TGIF, y'all. Now if I can just get done with my damned work.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005



This little game is shamelessly and adoringly whored from the likes of Mikey.

Fill in the blanks and leave a comment. As Mikey said about his little escapade, I'm a little frightened to see what y'all might come up with, but at the same time, who isn't looking for a little trouble on a Thursday afternoon?

I ____ Rose.
Rose is ____.
Rose thinks a lot about _______.
When I think of _________, I think of Rose.
If I were alone in a room with Rose, I would _______.
I think Rose should _____.
Rose needs ______.
I want to ____________ Rose.
If I could describe Rose in a word: _______.

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I swear to God/dess, sometimes it's the idiots that get me through my day.

Courtesy of large insurance company:

Q: So can you describe the other car?

A: No, not really.

Q: Well was it a truck?

A: No.

Q: Was it a car?

A: Yes.

Q: What color was it?

A: Brownish.

Q: Was it a kind of older car, or did it look newer to you?

A: Older.

Q: Well, I have down here that it was a brown 1990 Chevrolet, does that sound right?

A: Oh no, that's not it.

Q: You're sure? That it wasn't a brown 1990 Chevrolet sedan?

A: Well, maybe.


Stupid people shouldn't breed. She couldn't describe the car? Cheeseandrice, people.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005



(courtesy of yahoo chat)

Me: I made an avatar, too.
Me: --->
Me: does it look like me?
Hubby: it's making faces at me
Me: Yeah, she's set to "grumpy"
Me: hang on
Hubby: now she's making the face like she's just seen my junk

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I'd like to thank the 15 fabulous military wives that are making Group H.U.G.S. possible. I'm very excited. I've been dished out my Group H.U.G.S. wife/pal as has everyone else.

Thank you everyone who was so supportive of starting this up! I can't wait, this is going to be so fun!

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Hubby: So get this. The Commander walks into the office today and peeks through the window and asks if we're watching TV.

Me: Uh huh.

Hubby: And we tell her no, we're not, and ask her why, and she says we should turn it on, that "Deep Throat came out."

Me: Wow, really? Who finally stepped up and took credit?

Hubby: *puzzled look*

Me: It's not pr0n.

Hubby: Yeah. I know.

Me: Do you know who Deep Throat is?

Hubby: I uh, I think so but uh, you know, uh, I think so.

Me: Oh my god, you weren't born yet, were you.

Hubby: You know I don't feel good today, I can't think right when I don't feel good.

Me: Deep Throat. Woodward and Bernstein. Watergate.

Hubby: Yeah. Watergate.

Me: You weren't born yet. God damn. I'm old.

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My job as a military wife is
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Where he leads, I will follow.

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