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Monday, July 23, 2007

Shitty Blog Survivor Journal -- Week 4


So I've been feeling sort of - artistic. I've been feeling sort of - musical. You know, the kind of feeling that starts in the toe tapping hip swaying and takes you right up through the crescendo, I've been living it, thinking it, breathing it. Not a song, not a song like a lullaby, but something ... hipper.

Something ... groovier.

Something ... beatnik.

So I went out into the forest, see, and I found these coconuts. And I took an old sock and stretched one around a coconut, tight enough that it would make sound, and I had a bongo.

And I took that bongo and my scraps of paper and my one lone pen that hadn't run out of ink.

And I wrote my thoughts down
I wrote them all down

and I made some beat poetry.

I taught one of the magpies in the trees my poem, complete with bongo sounds, and told him to fly, fly like the wind, find that sneaky Jeckles and give him my message.

My message of poetry.

My beat.

My words.

*snaps* *snaps* *snaps* *snaps*

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Shitty Blog Survivor Task: Week Three


This week, we are supposed to take photos of a watermelon we have carved to represent something that well, represents, Shitty Blog Survivor and Survivor Island.

Since everyone keeps getting fed to the sharks (*gives a shifty look around*) I have carved this lovely Shark Idol Tiki thingamabobber to try to appease the Shark God.

And to appease the Jeckles God, his eyes are made out of some coffee beans I found lying on the beach.

Please observe my amazing kitchen facilities I have created out of sticks and dirt. And my make believe laptop computer.

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I'm alive?

Whoooooooooooo, I'm alive.

I'd be a little dramatic if I say I am "barely" alive, but I sure felt like I was going to die for part of that.

Here's the cliffs notes.

Wednesday: "Hey honey, I have a pimple under my armpit."

Thursday: "Hey honey, look, now I have two pimples. Wow, this one here really hurts."

Friday: "Hey honey, I can't move my arm and I have a fever, and there's a hockey puck in my armpit. Should I go to the doctor?"

On Friday, the off-base clinic that I got referred to (active duty appointments only, that day) poked my arm, said I had an abscess, asked if I'd ever had a staph infection, gave me some antibiotics, and told me to "come back in a few days if it hasn't improved."

Saturday and Sunday I could not get out of bed. S. was helping me put hot packs on my armpit and had to help me move my arm, as I could not move it. The abscessES (that's right, two of them) only got bigger and bigger. One burst, or I thought it burst, on Saturday night late. The two teaspoons of gunk that came out of it (that was the SMALLER one) turned out to be only the tip of the iceberg.

Monday, with no improvement to what I thought was the larger abscess and minimal drainage out of the other one, we went to the base clinic this time. The nurse lifted up my arm and looked like she saw the creature from the black lagoon. She immediately went and got the doctor, and they informed me I had the worse case of what they believed to be multiple-resistant staph they had seen all year, and wanted all the information on the off-base clinic that had sent me home -- apparently they should have cut me open and drained the abscesses right then on Friday, or sent me to the hospital to have the same done.

I had what amounted to a minor outpatient procedure done in the base clinic because they could not get me into surgery WITHIN THE HOUR, and they decided my infection had to be immediately excised. So they held me down and injected 8-10 injections of numbing agent into my armpit and then came at me with a scalpel, cutting open both abscesses. Turns out the one that was the "smaller one" was in fact the larger of the two, it was just down inside my armpit which is why I couldn't move my arm. The one that was more towards the surface was no pansy, though.

A week later, I am about 100% recovered. The only real discomfort I have still is a little bit where it's scarring at the incisions. I've completed my antibiotics and they're running some tests to find out if I need some ointment to stick up my nose to you know, kill the superbug staph that might be living in there.

Also, I got to shave for the first time yesterday. FREEDOM, I'M FREE, FREE OF HAIR.

Staph sucks.

Wash your hands.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My first surgery!


Okay so.

Yeah, they had to cut the abscesses out from under my arm. Apparently I have a staph infection. I'm on heavy medication.


But it's a different ow and not as much ow as the actual staph infection.

Staph: I wouldn't recommend it.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Actual Real Life.


So I have um, an abscess. Two, actually, under my left arm. Which makes typing a HUGE HUGE SUCK.

That's why I haven't been around. I go today to maybe have them aspirated. :(

I'm in the most pain I've ever been in my entire life.

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