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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Do what you can.

If it's within your means, please consider donating to a charitable organization to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

If you haven't seen the news yesterday and this morning, the rising price of gas is not even on these people's list of things to worry about. The entire city of New Orleans is underwater. Gulfport/Biloxi, where my husband was only a year and a half ago, has been basically wiped out. They're going to need all the help they can get.

See the sidebar for where to donate. If you have any other links that are legitimate, reputable links, let me know in the comments. I wish I could put them all in there. There are so many faith-based organizations that are all helping, I couldn't get them all in the list if I tried.

If you have any local movements where you are to gather items that might be needed for people who have been displaced from their homes, please give what you can.

I not only have blogger friends that have families in the NO area, but I have friends near there and I also have real-life friends who have families who have lost everything. So this is really starting to hit home for us.

Thank you.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And just to give you some perspective...

... let's all keep the City of New Orleans in our prayers. The situation there this morning appears to be much graver than it was during the hurricane yesterday, with 80%+ of the city underwater and a total evacuation of those remaining residents underway.

Man. Unbelievable.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

What goes up, must come down

I'm feeling better, thank you all for your comments. I guess I was just having one of those PMS'y yucky hate myself kind of days.

This weekend couldn't have been any shorter if I won the lottery or something else completely fabbo. I think it struck me as being so short because I've been underneath a huge pile of work, and have been struggling to get out from underneath it. As it is today I have to finish 6 files if it's the last thing I do, but at least I am not "behind" any more!

The weekend for us consisted of staples like going to the Farmer's Market (got fruit) and puttering around town for some various and sundry other little things. The trip to the Commissary was an easy one, particularly because it's the end of the month and we don't get paid until Wednesday, so there weren't many people at the store. I love mornings like that at the store, it means I can dillydally instead of trying to find new and interesting ways to weave in and out of people in far-too-crowded aisles.

I also got my nails done, yay! I needed that. It had been three weeks or more since I'd been in. Since right before S. came home. Yay! So now I feel like I can type again, and I feel a little bit more "normal."

We got our last piece of paperwork we needed in the mail and the bank has the title to the car now, so we are in a position to go to the credit union tonight and finish the paperwork to refinance the car. That's going to cut nearly a year - actually a little more than a year - off of our repayment time frame, and that's a good feeling. To know your car will be paid off in two more years, that's a good thing. And then we'll have no car payment! Yay!

(Of course, that means we'll probably instantly go out and buy a new car. Bleah.)

So how about the price of gas? Sigh. The hurricane is supposedly going to make the price of gas go up (what the fuck ever) - I hate living in this culture of fear and loathing where we're all just a bunch of sheep that do whatever the corporations want. "Hey! There's a brutal hurricane going to hit the southeastern United States! It's the worst natural disaster in years! Let's tell them this will keep them from getting gas! Kaching!" Dirty fothermuckers. I just wish they'd all keel over and die. Okay, not really. But you know what I mean.

It makes me glad I don't have to drive anywhere, anyway.

What else was I going to say? I don't even remember now. Just that I should get back to work and get more of it done. So I can relax some more tonight. Or something. Right? Right.

Sorry about this painfully boring post, y'all.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Self-Loathing, Inc.

Today I hate myself, I hate my big, fat ass, I hate my fat face, I hate my hair, I hate my fingernails, I hate everything about myself.

And I want to crawl in a hole, and I want to fucking die.

Because I hate myself. Especially my big fat ass.

And the fact that even though I worked out every day but one this week, I once again, for the fifth week in a row, did not lose any fucking weight, and even though I ate salads for dinner every day and didn't drink this week and exercised a lot by my standards, I can not budge off this fucking weight.

And I hate that I want to lose 25 pounds before I go on my cruise, and it's the same 25 pounds I wanted to lose a month ago.

I just fucking hate me. I hate me, I hate me, I hate me. This is not a cry for help. This is just me, hating my big fat ass.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005



This morning, after working my ass off between 6:00 and 7:30, we went up the road to Walgreens to get our passport photos taken. When we walked up to the photo counter there was a very nice lady employee, and a very weird dude employee, at the counter. The weird dude just kept talking and talking, one of those socially-inept but socially-starved people who couldn't choose between being the center of attention or just being happy to be part of a conversation. When he wasn't talking to us directly, he was just kind of muttering to himself, or even one aisle over saying loudly, "You have GOT to be KIDDING ME! Oh wait, was that my outside voice?"

Four passport pictures later, we headed over to the local courthouse so we could meet with the passport guy and get our passports in process. We don't NEED them to go on the cruise, but they're going to be changing the laws soon and you'll need a passport to get back and forth to Mexico. So we figure it'll be a good thing to have.

We get there and there's one couple, one young guy, and one older lady who are ahead of us. We start filling out our paperwork and everyone's doing their thing. And the passport guy gets us in and out relatively quickly, so then we head up to the post office so I can send some of this work I've been doing back to where it came from. (It's always such a relief to take huge packages to the post office)

In the post office, first we were met with Psycho Looking Capri-Pants-Wearing Scrawny Biker Dude With Do-Rag. PLCPWSBDWDR was standing, not quite in line, and not quite out of line, perusing the wide variety of accoutrements for change of address forms, Priority Mail labels, and the like. He'd reach for one, then get this quizzical look on his face as if he were thinking, "Now, do I REALLY need a change of address form?" and then he'd take a step back from the table. I'd try to go around him and he'd move, as if to block me. This little dance kept up for about 30 seconds, when he finally turned around and I thought he was going to leave. We got in line. We waited and waited our turn as we are wont to do at the post office, and suddenly this dude, PLCPWSBDWDR, is now talking to some chick who apparently is his woman, who is at the post office window being helped. He doesn't go up to the window though, just kind of stands back and shouts to her. I remember "It says Flat Rate, $7.50" (which I had to note that's not what it said, it said $7.70), and then he said something else to her like, "Are you planning on getting some of those for the kids?" Then when the kind post office clerk went to get them some flat rate boxes, after she returned with them PLCPWSBDWDR shouted, "Hey man, we're on a bike. We can't take those."

Must. Kill. Idiot.

Then, when we took our turn and moved up to the window, for some reason the guy behind us in line followed S. right up to the window, too. So here's this guy practically sticking his dick in my husband's ass, very very literally breathing down S.'s neck, while we stand at the window for a good five minutes to complete our transaction. Do I want to send that Express Mail? No, priority is fine. Anything breakable? No, not today. Express mail on this package? Yes, when will it get there? Tomorrow before noon? Great. Visa? Sure. Sign here, thank you. And this dude is STILL in S.'s ass.

As we were leaving, we had this conversation:

S.: Holy crap, it must be CMF day.
Me: What's that, Creepy Mother Fuckers?
S: Yeah.
Me: Yeah, no kidding.
S: If that dude got any closer to me I was gonna elbow him in his gut.
Me: Good thing we got done then, huh.
S: Yeah, no shit.
Me: CMF day.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005



Welcome to the newest member of our little family, the Fuji FinePix S3100 4mp digital camera with 6x optical zoom. It is not often I am that happy to see the UPS guy when he shows up unexpected (Amazon.com suggested this thing wouldn't get here until near September 2).

Cruise Camera. Perfect. Rock out with your cock out.

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I haven't even showered yet this morning, but I'm being showered with winningly giftly goodness from the folks at Blingo.

I won movie tickets today! And so did Stacy because I am signed up under her.

So don't delay. Click the button on the sidebar (it's blue) and sign up for Blingo! Use it for all your regular Google searching! Together we will win the world!

Or you know, free movie tickets or something!

EDIT: P.S. Blogrolling is being a stinky skanky hoor, which is why nobody is showing as pinging, and it's not letting me ping. Not the way to handle things when I'm up to renew my freaking year's subscription soon, y'all. Not the way.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005



Okay. Hopefully this doesn't make me too big of a dork-ass.

So the UPS guy shows up with my copy of Word Perfect, and knocks on the door. It's 83 degrees here today but feels closer to 90 with the humidity (outrageously humid, as it was pouring rain 3 hours ago.

So he hands me my weenie little box and I notice he is POURING SWEAT. So I say, "You're soaking wet, could I interest you in a cold drink or something?" And he says, "Sure, that would be great, what do you have?" And I say, "Well, I have some Diet Rite and some Diet Pepsi, I can check to see what else I have."

He says, "Do you have any water?" Now, being positive there are water bottles in my fridge, I say, "Sure!" And I go to get him one.

I am a water bottle reuser and refiller. So none of my water bottles had an unbroken seal on them. Instead I took my Brita pitcher, put some ice and water in a mismatched plastic cup that had no mate, and took it out to him sheepishly. "I'm sorry, I thought I had some bottles of water but they were all open - can I interest you in a big cup of ice water? You can keep the cup, I lost its mates a long time ago."

"Wow, are you sure?" he asked me, and like he wasn't going to believe I would let him keep the cup. I know, bottled water would have made it a much more "normal" exchange, but maybe he can still use it. He stood there with me for a minute, talking about the weather and finding his way around our maze of an apartment complex, and then raised his glass to me and headed off.

I was just trying to be a good samaritan -- was I a huge loser because I didn't have any bottles of water? I'm all worried now that I'm a dorkus.

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Good grief, I feel like I'm back from the dead. Sorry to disappear like that, you guys. For what it's worth, I'm still quite a bit behind on work but just HAVE TO get some of what's been going on off my chest so I can equalize a little bit! Aurgh!

Let's see, last week, last week.

First of all? Okay. I am Bill's Bitch. I have Windows on this work machine and I have to use MS Office for most of my work, but I don't use IE because I now truly believe it sucks balls compared to Firefox, which I've come to prefer for all its nifty features. Hubby even uses Thunderbird as his e-mail client, though I haven't gone so far as to completely ditch my beloved Microsoft Outlook for all its calendaring and things-to-do lists and everything else.

But I am Bill's Bitch.

When I bought my computer from a local computer guy that I also happened to be dating, back in like 2001 or 2002, it "came with" this spectacular, amazing thing - Windows XP. You see, I was totally against the idea of Windows XP. I didn't want it. I didn't need it. But if I wanted to be able to do all the fun things I wanted to do with the machine, I had to have it. I eventually got used to it and came to appreciate it for its functionality and giving me the chance to do fun shit on my computer, plus also be able to work on it. And everything was great. Until I was told by Windows Update that I needed to install Service Pack 1.

That's when I got an IM from the (by then, ex-)boyfriend/computer guy in question, telling me that I was to immediately turn off "Automatic Update" and not install SP1 until he could email the files to me. Why's that, you might ask? Uh, because my copy of Windows XP wasn't "exactly legal," and apparently the CD key used to install it would be recognized by SP2 as fraudulent, and then I'd be up Shit Creek. So, after my initial complete fucking freak-out, he e-mailed me a crack of SP1 and I was able to upgrade.

And until last week, I didn't worry much about it. But that's when Mr. Gates decided it was finally time to put the clampdown on the people who were running pirated copies of XP, and set up a new thing on the Windows website. I needed the new security patches, desperately. Everybody did. And when I went to the Windows Update website, I had to suddenly download a program that authenticated whether or not my Windows XP was a valid, legal copy, before it would let me do anything else.

*slams head on desk*

I, of course, knew that I did not have a valid copy. I just wanted to live in my little dream world. So what did I have to do? Legitimately acquire a new CD key that is in fact a legal, valid CD key and find a way to use that key instead of the old key to authenticate my Windows XP (turns out there's a function in Windows that lets you do that! Lucky me!). Then, I went ahead and tried to download the updates, and found out that there were so many that I was totally and completely fucked.

In the meantime, while downloading updates, I opened my Free Trial of Word Perfect because I had to do some Word Perfect work. Needless to say, right in the middle of that I saw that I only had "One Day Remaining!" on my free trial of WP. So I decided I better hurry up and fucking buy myself an OEM copy of WP on CD (who needs the book?) and have it sent to my way Right. Fucking. Now.

The problem with this?

I couldn't reboot my machine until I closed my free trial of WP. I couldn't close my free trial window of WP until I had the new copy of WP. And that wasn't going to be here until Friday. So, after downloading SP2 and a bunch of other updates after Microsoft graciously authenticated my (now) 100% legal version of Windows XP, I couldn't install the updates (and couldn't download the new security patches) until I had my new WP which did not show up on Friday.

So my computer stayed on, with WP open in a window, and me using it every goddamned day, from Tuesday of last week until uh, last night.

Because my WP disc is supposed to be here today. So I went ahead and closed WP, rebooted, let the machine take 10 years to install all the updates I hadn't been downloading before, and then it found more, and then it found more, and then it found more.


I am one secure bitch, up and running with all the service packs and security patches and updates and everything else. Plus, God/dess willing, I will receive my WP disc today and then can finish up some of these projects that I need it for. Cash outlay for a home business pisses my shit off.


So what about the weekend?

We went to the Farmer's Market and bought some pretty nifty heirloom zucchini to have with dinner one night. I took some pictures, and so did S., but they are on his camera and I don't have the card. So now I have to wait for him to get home so I can upload them for you. Let me just say that the zucchinis were about the size of a big softball or a grapefruit, and were round. And that my dog decided that it was in fact a ball with a handle, the ultimate dog-toy, and that he would run around the house with one.

Yeah. I know. It's gonna be hilarious!

I have also completely slacked off on my exercise regime and have gained a little weight in the past couple of weeks, which I need to remedy. So last night before a healthy dinner, I went down to the gym and ran myself ragged on the elliptical machine and the recumbent bike. Today my legs are a little bit like wet spaghetti noodles, but I figure that's got to be a good sign. Right? Right?

So now, I'd better get started on some more of these tapes. I only have about 40 of them I have to get done this week. But I can do it, right? Because I am Super Happy Lucky Typist Girl.

I need some sushi.

And some sake, while you're at it.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005



Monday: Got a packet of tapes.

Tuesday: Got a packet of tapes. Got an email that the queue is backed up 6 hours and we need to type more.

Wednesday: Got a packet of tapes. Got a phone call saying there would be another packet of tapes.

Thursday: Gonna get another packet of tapes.

I am, as you could guess, "covered up" in work right now which is why I am not blogging much this week, and for that I apologize. For those of you wondering:

1) The car? Since my credit rating is a fucking a-fucking-mazing 770, we can refi the car for 6%. Because I rock.

2) The camera? We haven't bought it yet and then it went down another $10 in price, so we're gonna get it today.

3) The cruise? Paid off! Woohoo!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to crawl back into the pile of tapes that is my life for the next week and a half and try to get some more done. For the two readers who are actually here checking me out from time to time, please don't forget me and bear with me because I promise I will be back. Just a little overloaded.

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Monday, August 15, 2005



Today, we spend money.

1) Pay off the cruise.

2) Buy a new camera.

3) Refinance the car.

Jeez. I better get a stiff drink after this is all over with.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005



Monday, October 3, 2005
Henry Rollins In Concert
Spoken Word
Bricktown Events Center
Oklahoma City, OK

Section 1
Row B
Seats # and # (I'll just say they're center, baby)

Oh yeah, that's totally us. I am all about it. I just got done buying our tickets, and I can't wait. CAN'T WAIT.

If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will remember that the last time S. went away TDY, back in January-February-March 2004, I went to see Henry in concert with Our Friend The Chef and S. had to miss it.

After TEXT-ing the hubby with the good news, he just phoned me to tell me how much I r0xx0r his s0xx0r.

And now! On to our new hoorah!

You might remember me blogging some about this whole AT&T Wireless/Cingular/Alltel fuckup that's going on here in Oklahoma. What is it, you may ask?

We renewed my contract with AT&T Wireless before we left Phoenix, for two years. We knew it was going to switch to Cingular, and we were fine with that. They have a nice military discount program and they also have really good cellphone coverage and plans we liked. So we were all set for the changeover. Then we moved to Oklahoma.

Because the Federal Trade Commission knows more than anyone else and they are always acting in our best interests, they told Cingular that they'd have to give up "some markets" to other carriers so they wouldn't end up with a glut of new accounts since they bought AT&T.

Guess where that happened?

OOoooooooooklahoma, where they can shove it right up their ass.

So, we were told we weren't getting switched to Cingular. We were getting switched to Alltel.

First, they didn't even tell us. They just stopped putting AT&T Wireless on our bill and it came blank for a month or two on standard office copy paper and looked like a scam.

Then, one month, suddenly, the bill says "Alltel" on it. No other notice. I mean, here we've been looking for Cingular stuff and suddenly we get a bill that says, "Alltel." Bah.

So I phone them and get told they have no clue of anything except that we are going to become Alltel customers, and they are "really looking forward to working with us." But we call the "Wireless Call Center" (not AT&T, not Alltel, not Cingular) for our service and billing questions, et. al. That was in... oh, I want to say six months ago, so let's say February.

The bills keep coming, at the same rates. The service starts deteriorating. I phone Alltel one day (S. had a bad experience with Alltel and would rather not repeat it) and ask what I am going to be able to do to get out of my "contract" since obviously, I signed a contract with AT&T and not Alltel, so I should get to opt out. I get told to call Alltel, who then tells me that no, I am going to have to take an Allel service plan and they'll try to accommodate me and blah blah blah.

Fuck. That. Fuck that.

So, I wait patiently because I figure that lady's on crack and then about a month later I call again and ask again. And they tell me again that they don't know. Oh! But I get something in the mail! From Alltel! They're so excited to have me! As a customer! And they are! Upgrading! Their network!

Bah. Is that why I'm losing so many calls?

Then the mail tells me to wait for the next piece of mail. So I do. And the next piece of mail is a letter that essentially tells me nothing but that they will be sending me a "kit" that I should review in a few weeks so I can start the process of transitioning to Alltel.

That's when I saw a consumer piece on the local news that says I can get out of my Alltel agreement for free.

So then, the kit comes. And inside it, it has an 800 number to call for Alltel service. So I call the 800 number on a Saturday and get (1) an automated system, (2) a recording saying the office is closed, and (3) stuck in a loop with the automated system that keeps saying, "The office is now closed. *beep* *click* You have selected an invalid option, please try again. *beep* *click* The office is now closed."


I called back during the week and talked to someone who told me to call the old AT&T service people who told me to call Alltel back at a different number who ended up giving me a third number that turns out is the customer service center JUST for people who are in my predicament. And the minute I told the lady I wanted to opt out of my contract, she gave me the following story:

Well, you're still an AT&T customer, you aren't in the Alltel database yet. So what we do is, we give you 15 days to opt out of your Alltel contract. To do that, though, we're going to have to switch you over to some Alltel phones - we'll send you free phones comparable to what you have - and then we port the numbers into the new phones. Then you have 15 days from that date to cancel the contract. Because you don't really HAVE a contract with us yet, so to be able to opt out you have to do this. If you don't, you might be charged cancellation fees on your old account, so it's just safer to do it this way. So let's pick a plan for you. Okay. Blah blah. Blah blah not military friendly blah blah no concessions blah blah no discounts blah blah can't get out of your contract if you move overseas blah blah.

So S. comes home and I get these phones from Alltel and - surprise - guess - no wait - wait for it -- wait for it --- WRONG PHONES. They sent me the wrong freaking phones. I was over it.

So we went shopping for plans and ended up in a Cingular store, where they told us that the lady at Alltel that had given us that story was very wrong, we could have ported numbers over that day, blah de blah de blah.

Now, I was STEAMING.

I phoned Alltel back yesterday and talked to a different guy who confirmed that the idiot I spoke to on Friday was indeed, on crack. But now that I have the Alltel phones, I am going to have to return them to an Alltel store. But I can just port my numbers to another carrier and there isn't any problem, Alltel is sorry to lose me as a customer, blah blah. Now THIS guy, he's awesome. If they had all been like him I might not be switching.

Instead we're going with Cingular. We got a great deal on a rollover plan and phones that have cameras and can take video too. And I can still vote for American Idol. And we got the same kind of phone so we don't need twenty-leven different accessories that are all different, we can share chargers and the like. And our numbers are ported and everything's cool and awesome, and now this week I have to go to an Alltel store and drop off these damned kyocera bricks they sent me.


Bah, I say.

And now? Me?

Back to work, gotta hit the grindstone hard so I can be done with work by EOB Wednesday, so I can take Thursday and Friday off with my man.

I'm a happy girl.

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Monday, August 08, 2005



RIP, Peter Jennings.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005



I'm sorry I haven't been around for the last couple days, kiddies. I've been doing lots of things I just can't write about here.

Among the ones I CAN write about are: drinking too much wine with my husband, watching some movies, a lot of hand holding and snuggly-buggling and we even went and ate Mexican food and walked around the farmer's market.

I'll just say it's a wonder I can walk.

See you Monday!

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Friday, August 05, 2005



And that is all I have to say about that.

C'mon, USAF, bring my baby home. I have needs.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005



S.'s only a day away...


House is bordering on obssessively clean. Laundry's all done. I'm almost done wrapping up all my work.

I don't really have anything to say. I just figured I'd better pop in here after being away for a day or so to let you all know I haven't had a heart attack and died or anything, just trying to get "it" "all" "done" by the time he comes home tomorrow.

My plan for tomorrow? Get up, go to the commissary, for stuff for special dinner and anything else I might be missing, then get my nails done, shower-shave-and-shine, last touchups on the house, etc., and it's all gonna be awesome.

I will take pictures.

I will.

I will!!

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005



I just went by Adagio Tea to cash in the awesome gift certificate my "Secret" Pal Angela gave me in July for Group H.U.G.S.

I ended up having another $5 on file for having some reviews pending from last time so I got a whole bunch of samples for both me and S. I got me some herbal teas that I wanted, and I got him some new samples of the black, flavored, and oolong teas that he enjoys. Can't wait. I'm not gonna tell him, either. Hopefully it'll show up around Saturday.

I'm calming down a little bit about the "other stuff" that I was bitching about yesterday. You know, I just have to take it as it comes and try to not get too upset. I just have to hang in there and do everything I can do. And that's cool with me.

So now? I sit here with my homemade mocha latte (iced, thankyouverymuch) hoping that I will be able to get a whole bunch more work done today. I have decorating to do. I have a kitchen, and two bathrooms to clean. I have carpet to get looking good. I have laundry to finish. I want the house to be pretty much 100% perfect when S. comes home on Friday, so he doesn't have to stress about anything.

Aw, I'm a good wife.

Aren't I?

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Monday, August 01, 2005



I'm just feeling a little horked this morning, kittens. Don't mind me.

( deleted portion )

But I told you that story to tell you this one.

I don't like it when people of any kind, military wives or not, get all "I have it so rough" and "My life is so hard."

Is the life of a military wife hard? And rough? Yes. It is. And I truly believe some people, like the wives who don't see their husband for years at a time, have some genuine reason to complain, and feel bad, and I truly believe that they deserve to be lifted up and looked out for and paid attention to and taken care of.

I have friends who fall into that category, and I have so much damned respect for them, just the situation that they are apart from their husbands for so long. And they still find a way to do it. Urgh.

And then something like the recent development in this household happens, and my husband gets told he is coming home after only 7 weeks because of mission changes, and my head says, "WTF??"

Like, why do I deserve this? Why do we deserve this? And then how idiotic do I feel that I felt all bad while he was gone, if he was only gone for seven weeks? And it makes me almost feel like I'm not really part of the "military wife club," because my hardship isn't as long or rough as someone else's hardship.

Oh, I'm sure we'll get that kind of hardship in our lifetimes, don't you worry. I mean, it's always lurking around the next corner. But I've tried not to vent or rant about anything besides my loneliness or missing my husband. I don't have nearly the struggles that other wives have when their other half is somewhere halfway around the world. What about women who are pregnant while their husband is in the middle east? Or those families that give birth to their first child without Daddy being present?

All of those things and more, man. All of those things and more.

It makes me frustrated, sometimes.

I don't even know where I'm going with this.

I guess I had something or other to get off my chest, and I don't even know if I've done it. All I know is I'd better get started on my work for the day.


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