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Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's raining, it's pouring.

Okay. So I had it all planned out.

S. has training day at the base today, Saturday, so he got up to be at work at 7:30. He's training others, not receiving training.

So I said, "That's okay Rose, you can get up, have a cuppa, and work until he gets home. That way, when you have to translate 50 pages of stuff on Monday, you won't fry your brain because you will already have most of your other work done."

So I settled in, and got to working. And then it started.

The rain.

Now it's not bad enough that it is, well, soothing rain. It is now soothing rain coupled with thunder and lightning. And it is raining sideways. So, the little droplets of water are sticking in the window screens, which makes it look even more gloomy and rainy than it probably really is.

Which makes me want to do NOTHING but curl up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and watch a movie, read a magazine and maybe take a little nap.

Not work.

Isn't that always how it happens?

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Friday, April 28, 2006

This week has kicked my ass.

I may very well be over it. "it" being a number of different things. I guess I need the weekend to unwind (HA! AS if THAT will happen!) and think.

You guys all know I love you dearly, right?

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

R.I.P. Smokey

You know, sometimes a little dose of drama (of the blog variety or otherwise) in your life is put there just to make clear the things that are truly important.

A few years ago some of you long-timers may recall that I was put in charge of finding homes for a couple of very beautiful cats that were left behind when my friend's mother died. I took care of them for nearly six months trying to find appropriate homes for them. I essentially adopted them as my own, at least in my heart, and finally when I was almost at the end of my rope some wonderful people came along and adopted them.

Smokey, a large cat who was smoke-grey and at least part Maine Coon, was adopted by a very loving couple who lived in New Mexico at the time. They coordinated a trip to visit family in Phoenix so they could pick him up and transport him home. When they got him home and took him for a regular vet check-up, the vet heard a heart murmur (which was not caught by my vet when I had taken him in for his vaccinations).

They kept him, loved him, adored him. They learned and grew with him. They were thrilled, engaged, and humbled as this cat who had been through so much with the tragic loss of their "first" mommy, came to love them also as parents. I would get weekly e-mails with stories of what a good cat he was, how much he loved them back, and how much they loved him.

Smokey's condition gradually worsened over these few years; his heart murmur was in fact a congenital defect that culminated in congestive heart disease.

Yesterday, Smokey was returned to peace, in the loving arms of his parents, after a turn for the worse and a hard couple weeks trying to fight his disease.

I am not only proud as hell to know Smokey's parents and count them among my best friends in my life, but I am proud of them that they took such amazing care of, and gave such amazing love to, this wonderful cat. And although Smokey will probably take this chance to reunite with his "first mommy" beyond the rainbow bridge, I know he will be waiting for his second mommy and daddy when their time comes.

They gave him the most amazing gift a pet parent can give a fur-kid. They gave him peace and relieved him of his pain. And for that I will love them forever.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pictures suck.

I am only posting
to move my picture

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shitty Blog Club Survivor - 40 Clothes Challenge

For this week's challenge in Shitty Blog Club Survivor, I had to take this picture of myself wearing 40 pieces of clothing. I look like some kind of demented homeless person and I look about 30 pounds HEAVIER than I am. S. just said, "Jesus christ honey, you're wearing two loads of laundry."

I am taking them off one at a time as I make this list so we can count them.

1) Right-hand weightlifting glove
2) Left-hand weightlifting glove
3) Panama hat
4) Texas Longhorns hat
5) Margaritaville sun visor
6) Orange bandanna (right arm)
7) Black Neck Gaiter (left arm)
8) Orange bandanna (head)
9) White and silver reflective belt (shoulders)
10) Blue reflective belt (shoulders)
11) White sash with pink polka dots (waist)
12) White cotton bra (outside my clothes)
13) Pink satin bra (outside my clothes)
14) Green pajama top
15) Peach V-neck T-shirt
16) Black henley
17) Light blue tank top
18) Pink lace bra (worn as actual bra)
19) Brown men's leather belt (left thigh)
20) Black men's leather belt (left thigh)
21) Black men's leather belt (right thigh)
22) Blue men's boxers (right thigh)
23) Red plaid men's boxers (right thigh)
24) Black men's boxers (right thigh)
25) Teal men's boxers (right thigh)
26) Green plaid men's boxers (left thigh)
27) Spongebob Squarepants boxers, white (left thigh)
28) Spongebob Squarepants boxers, blue (left thigh)
29) Teal satin PJ shorts
30) Blue PJ shorts with blue stars
31) White terry lounge shorts
32) Yellow PJ pants with stars
33) White pair of long underwear
34) Purple women's Hanes underwear
35) White left sock
36) White right sock
37) Pink left sock
38) Pink white sock
39) Blue left sock
40) Blue right sock

This week's task COMPLETE!

PS: I only wore one pair of underwear. I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD.

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Shitty Blog Club Survivor

P.S.: I'm going to have to post a picture of myself wearing 40 pieces of clothing. I've been running around to the SBC Survivor players to see their pictures and as much as I may like them, I don't believe for one second that some of these people had on the 12 pair of underwear and eleventeen socks and four bras and six tank tops and shit that they said they had under their clothes. That's bullshit. I saw ONE great picture that looked like a jumbled-up mess, and that's what 40 pieces of clothes should look like, and it's awesome. So.

So now I am posting this here because I HAVE TO post a picture of me wearing 40 pieces of clothing, and it will be painfully evident.

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"Q" is for... Dr. Tran.

I am in love with Dr. Tran. I love him. I totally, totally, totally love Dr. Tran.

I think everybody should go watch Dr. Tran now (7 minutes 30 seconds, sound is a must, there's cuss words in it).


Then come with me and join the Dr. Tran Fan Club.

Here comes Dr. Tran! He's a dashing special agent with a Ph.D. in kicking your ass!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Hummina, hummina

I mostly have pictures, but not all of them. We're working on that. Let me know if and when you can see all images including sidebar images, could you? Can you see them now?

I did not work all weekend. Let me shout that from the rooftops! I DID NOT WORK ALL WEEKEND! I didn't! Not a lick! Wheehaw!

I did however, watch Brokeback Mountain, and cry like a little baby.

And I'm very tired, and am getting a later-than-normal start to the day.

What did all you guys do this weekend?

*yawn* *stretch* I will get better at blogging again. I promise.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

So this is what you call, "Friday?"

Monday: 6:30am-5:00pm.
Tuesday: 6:30am-4:30pm, car club meeting following.
Wednesday: 6:30am-10:30pm.
Thursday: 7:30am-10:30pm.
Friday: WTH??


I am so tired of working. SO SO SO tired.

I am amazingly tired of working and S. has to cover some fairly random shift work this weekend, so he's gonna be working the overnights all weekend plus on swings at least temporarily because there aren't enough guys in his shop to cover stuff.

Me? My body can't decide what it's doing. Am I having my period? Am I not? Let's just give me all the cramps but none of the actual PERIOD, at least for the first day-and-a-half. I'm hoping today I will see some real results (I did pee on a stick, however, and it was negative).

So. Tonight.

I will work until 4:30 or so. I will stop. I will rest. I will eat dinner and have a glass of wine. I will play EQ. And maybe I'll see my husband for a couple hours over the next three or four days. :(

What are YOUR weekend plans?

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A BLANK CANVAS! (Sticky: Scroll down for updates)

While my lovely and amazing friend Shanna, who hosts my images for me, is going through a server switch, I will temporarily be without images.

Should be back to normal soon! I imagine by the end of the week.

In the meantime, enjoy all the - uh - clean, pure whiteness of my uh, ultra-sleek and easy-to-read design! Yeah, that's the ticket! ;-)


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So about that period.

Wednesday, thinking it had better get its ass in gear and fuck up my life more before it became Thursday, gave me that too.

I can't tell you guys how pregnant I "felt" I "could be" yesterday. But since that is no more, I guess it's time to focus on the next wonderful blah blah blah.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Open Letter

Dear Wednesday, April 19, 2006:

Fucking suck my left tit, you shit-filled craptastic everlasting gobstopper of evil.


PS: Thanks for not giving me my period, it's the only good thing that happened today.

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Won't you say hello?

When I hopped over to Household6 this morning, she had a post up of a new military wife she found whose husband just got sent to Iraq.

Won't you stop by and say hello? I am unclear whether she is the wife of a British soldier whose husband has been sent to Iraq, or the wife of a US soldier who is stationed in the UK.

But we're all in the same boat.

Thanks for sending her the love, and please let her know you came to her through me or Household6 so we don't freak her out!

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Monday, April 17, 2006

It's like living in a blow-dryer.

It's going to be 96 degrees here today.


I don't even think it's fucking 96 degrees in Arizona today.


That's almost too hot to even hang out on the patio!

However, I need to get some pictures of our little patio retreat. S. did a great thing - he went and found one of those bamboo patio mats and cut it to fit our patio. So we now have awesome-feeling bamboo matty goodness under our bare tosies when we go sit out on the patio. We took the laptop out there and used it to play music, and sat surrounded by seedlings and listened to the kids play in the pool.

(The pool is too cold for actual adults to swim in yet, you see. But children, children will swim in the swimming pool as long as their legs aren't going to turn black and fall off from frostbite or hypothermia. 90 degree weather means kids in the pool, even if the pool is in the 60s.)

It was fun. We even saw some little ones, like under 2 years old, splashing around with their parents. Made us want one even more. *pats self on tummy* C'mon, oven, I need you to have a bun in it already.

In other news, I am still working but am going to give myself a light day so we can go to the commissary. We decided against making the trek on easter Sunday, figuring it'd be open weird hours or not open at all. I hope it's not totally packed today.

I'm sorry I'm so boring. I'm just tired, man. Tired, tired, tired, tired, tired.

If I would get off my ass and take some pictures, then you guys could see stuff. But I haven't done that. I have to get through the laundry, first! AURGH!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

I suck at the blogness sometimes.

Hey, all.

Well, this week has kept me completely covered up in work. I am also experiencing some odd edema in one of my feet, which has led me to getting up from the desk and promptly retiring to another room to lift my foot up and put ice and/or heat on it in an effort to control the swelling.

That might explain why I haven't been here all week.

I don't have anything interesting to write about currently besides the weather, and I figure I might just spare all of you that. Hopefully I will come up with something interesting to make an entry about a little bit later today.

In the meantime I'd love it if you all went over and checked out an old and dear friend of mine, Aza, at her spanking new blog. I know some of you have already found her through my blogroll and will agree that she's a hoot-and-a-half. Would you welcome her to the neighborhood if you haven't already?

So other than that, how's everybody?

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Sorry I haven't been around, you guys. Well, I've been AROUND, just not vocal.

I've been trying to get caught up on work.

This weekend, the weather was so completely totally gorgeous that we worked on the patio (in between me having fits from work) and got it ready to live in! Planted a bunch of new plants plus the seedlings I'd started last month, plus a couple of containers of wheat grass. S. has decided he'd like a lawn, so we figured 8 square inches of grass would do the man some good.

Aside from that, I've eaten Thai food, we had some friends over, and I've been sleeping like a rock. A ROCK, I say! That's actually a really good thing.

What's YOUR major accomplishment over the last four days?

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Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm a pushy broad

I'd like to thank everybody that did the little things I asked yesterday -- thanks for giving me shouts for Survivor and for going to Beetle's party! I hear he's home (relatively) safe and sound, so it's all a good thing.

Anybody who hasn't wandered over to the Shitty Blogs Club to vote for me, please think about doing that today. I'm definitely not a frontrunner, and while I don't anticipate I'll win the whole blasted thing, it'd be nice to not get voted off the island first. To the lovely ladies who DID vote for me yesterday, you are awesome and I love you! Whee, girl-on-girl action!

Now, because it wouldn't be a Friday unless I were pushing someone around, I'd like to ask you all to do one more thing.

Have you heard about this? Stop me if you've heard this.

Okay. So this guy wants to make a movie about Mother Theresa. And he wants to cast Paris Hilton as Mother Theresa, because she is SOOOOO good and SOOOOOO moral and SOOOOO saintly because she "turned down posing for Playboy" (uh, but she has a sex tape and flashes her cooter on the red carpet, that's truly innocent)

So anyway, this guy thinks he wants to cast Paris as Mother-freaking-Theresa, and she's said she would accept the role. So although I don't typically believe in internet petitions and rarely would ask anyone, let alone y'all, to sign it... I want to direct you HERE to sign the petition.

Against Paris.

As Mother Theresa.

Would you please do that? A good friend of mine set this thing up, and I had previously told her I'd post about it and didn't. So now that this issue is gaining some momentum... I'm making good.


In other news: A week full of tornado warnings later, and things here are just a little crazy. I'm behind on work, due to a combination of sheer laziness, hormonal freak-outs, and Consumating. That website is like crack, y'all.

So I just poured myself a big cup of coffee, and have to dive in to try to un-bury myself so I don't end up working all weekend.

What are YOU doing this weekend?

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Shitty Blog Survivor

As a member of the Shitty Blogs Club, I am playing in Shitty Blog Survivor (see button conspicuously displayed on sidebar).

The first week's immunity challenge has been presented.

As many of you as I can muster need to go HERE and leave a comment about why I should win. "The more interesting and creative the comments, the better." I know I have nothing if it is not interesting and creative readers, so I need you to go do a little shake-up for me. I am most definitely the underdog in this situation.


and then


See, I'm all full of orders for you people today. Do this, do that, fetch me some coffee, peel me a grape.

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It ain't a party 'til something gets broke!

Good morning, all!

Time for me to rally the troops and ask y'all to do me a little favor. You know me and the whole military wife thing, right? Well, you know me and the whole MILITARY thing, right?

One of my bestest milwife buddies, Stale Betty, is expecting a homecoming soon with her hubby, who is in super-secret Ninja Training.

Since her hubby has a BLOG, she's throwing him a surprise party in his comments. And you're all invited!

Won't you skip on over to the Beetle's Blog, throw on a lamp shade, do a shot, make a little noise and annoy the neighbors? Try not to leave any moisture-rings on the coffee table, and no smoking, please.

Toga! Toga! Toga! See you there!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

But it sounds so dirty

Who's Consumating?

I know some of you are.

Speak up and give a thumbs-up or join and give me a tag, y'all.

I like it way better than Myspace, already.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

My hands hurt.

Okay. This is going to make me look like the dumbest dummy to ever hit every branch falling out of the dumb tree, but you know what?

I cooked so much this weekend, my hands hurt.

Not joking, either.

Saturday S. was out working on cars with some friends of ours, and I insisted on cooking dinner for the guys when they were all done. So, upon request, I whipped up some German/Polish fare.

We still had a big link of sausage we brought home from the town of West, TX this winter. I paired that with some very nummy spruiced up saurkraut (I buy saurkraut in a jar, just cheapie Vlasic saurkraut, and sautee it in a frying pan with some rendered salt pork (pork fat, take the chunks of fat/salt pork out), maybe a little apple, some sweet onion, a little parsley) and some homemade pierogis, and cucumber-and-onion salad.

Cucumber and Onion Salad:

Peel and slice 3 cucumbers thinly. Salt them and then rinse them and pat them dry.
Slice 1 sweet onion thinly.
Put one layer of cucumbers and one layer of onions in a resealable container. Sprinkle with garlic powder and lots of black pepper. Repeat layering until container is full.

Mix one cup of cider or red wine vinegar, one cup of water, and a tablespoon of sugar until sugar is dissolved. Pour over the cucumbers and onions. Top off the container with either half-and-half vinegar and water, or more vinegar.

Let sit for a few hours.



Then I made pierogis. From scratch. When I say from scratch, I do not mean I bought pasta dough and made them that way, or that I pulled them out of a bag and defrosted and boiled them. I mean I made them from effing scratch.


4 cups flour
2 cups sour cream
2 eggs plus
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp melted butter
1 tsp oil
2 tsp salt

Mix all the ingredients except the water together until the dough starts to come together. Add water, one tablespoon at a time, until the dough comes together into an elastic ball. Let rest for 10 minutes. Roll to 1/8" thickness and cut into 3" circles. Fill with fillings, fold over and crimp. Boil for 7-8 minutes. Serve sizzled in a pan with melted butter.

So I did that. But first, I rolled out the dough (which is a huge pain in the butt because the dough is very stretchy and elastic, so it's hard to get the dough to actually STAY ROLLED OUT) and cut all my 3" circles out. They weren't stickign together at the beginning of the process, but by the time I was done? I just had a big ball of layered 3" circles that were all stuck together. So I had to start over, roll them out 3-4 at a time, cut them, fill them, crimp them, and boil them as I went.

I filled them with combinations of these ingredients:

Seasoned ground pork
Mushrooms, onions and garlic (caramelized)
Ricotta/Cottage cheese
Cheddar cheese
Mashed potatoes

I made a kajillion pierogis. And froze some, sent some home with the guys, and we ate some.

And now my hands hurt. I have a crimping injury. I'm overcrimped, I say!

PS: they were delicious.

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