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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We have about 360 pictures. I'm trying to take a fair sampling of them without subjecting you to pictures of my niece and nephew. And because I'm always trying to spin a semblance of anonymity here, I'm also avoiding posting pictures of anyone but me and S.

If I can pick out some more good ones, though, I'll put them up. I've got to keep going through all of them.


"Our beach." The beach in front of the house.

Our palapas (thatch-roofed umbrellas) on the beach.

Sunrise from the patio. The fishing boats anchor in the bay every night. This is before they got moving in the morning. This was our view every morning, if we got up with the sun.

The fishermen hang flags to announce how many of each type of fish were caught. These are Dorado flags.

A tree growing out of the roof of someone's house.

Me, a taqueria (taco stand), and the preferred mode of transport.

My dad's house, with my back to the beach.

A rather small Dorado (Mahi Mahi). He is delicious, smoked. YUMMY!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sometimes, I suck at the blogging.

I'm sorry guys, I just haven't gotten my shit together yet.

Here's some tidbits from the trip. I may not be able to get around to an ACTUAL update for another day or so.

1) My mom was nice to me!
2) We had yummy fondue dinner.
3) Saw one of our best friends in Phoenix for about an hour, until S. got sick to his stomach and we had to return home.
4) Mexico was beautiful.
5) My dad was shitty to me!
6) I sunburned the tops of my feet.
7) We caught Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) and brought it all home with us.
8) My niece is in love with her Uncle S.
9) Then my dad wasn't so shitty to me.
10) We've all had stomach gurgles since we got home, but we were all fine in Mexico.

S. took all the pictures in 1600x1200 so he's busy resizing versions of the good ones so I can do something with them all. Love you guys!

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Friday, June 16, 2006

We're baaaaa-ack!

Trip info soon! Just wanted to say that we are home safe!

Missed you guys!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006



I am on -- WE are on -- vacation! For two weeks!

I'll try to get an internet connection from the road from time to time and check in to say hi. Don't forget about me!

See you on or around 6/16!

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