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Monday, February 19, 2007

Lemme catch y'all up.

Here we are, on day... 26? S has been gone for nearly a month now, and we're hanging in there and doing just fine. So is he, it seems, doing fine. Not only is he in charge of some good troops where he is, but he is once again a go-to guy and they're depending on him for lots of extra things.

I just got an e-mail that they are processing his re-enlistment paperwork, too, so he'll probably be sworn in while he's away. I wish there were some kind of a tax-free bonus available to him, but of course there isn't. They were very happy to hear he wanted to re-enlist, though, and there's also the possibility of a job change (not a geographical change, just a job change) when he comes home.

Work is keeping me unbelievably busy. Insanely busy. In fact, I just landed a new client that could allow me to get rid of at least one of my pain in the rear end clients... if this client pans out to be as regular as I think it will be, it'll make me nearly as much in a month as all my clients put together. Which is a very, very good thing.

The weather here is finally starting to clear up a little bit. It was actually pseudo-warm this weekend, and the roads are staying clear. That means it's easier for me to get out and about, mail things, do things, shop for things, etc. I hate getting out anyway, so if the weather is even slightly bad I tend to use that as an excuse.

How is everything with YOU??

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Picture pages, picture pages.

So yesterday, I sat around feeling sad that everyone around me was getting to do valentine's day stuff.

Because I just figured there was no way S. could have done anything for me, considering where he is, and everything.

I couldn't have been more wrong!

Here's some pictures for you lovely folks.

First, of my lovely pink roses that S. sent me, sneakily and underhandedly without my knowledge.

Second, of some of the wall art that got hung in and around here, and some of the new accessories I put in the living and dining rooms.

Just to show y'all that I'm not sitting on my butt doing nothing, I'm earning my keep!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Stupid Shit My Mother Said: Birthday Edition

First of all, thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday even though I wasn't even HERE. I turned 37 years old yesterday. My mom came into town so I wouldn't have to be "alone" on my birthday, and she was here from late Thursday night to mid-day Sunday.

Here's some highlights.

A year ago when I told my mom we were going to start trying for a baby, she told me, "Whatever doctor told you it's okay for someone as heavy as you to start trying to conceive is totally wrong, you need a second opinion." When I was forced by the military to switch doctors, had to go for an appointment and they said the only thing special they wanted me to do while trying to conceive was take prenatal vitamins, and said nothing about my weight endangering the health of an unborn child or anything like that (except for the normal thoughts relating to age and weight), she insisted that I must not be telling them something, or they weren't weighing me, or whatever.

So on Friday morning when we sat in Jimmy's Egg and had a girly splurgy birthday-ish breakfast of omelettes, she said, very matter-of-factly: "So people keep asking me if you guys are ever going to get around to having a baby, or if it's something you're just not going to do." When I told her that we have been trying (except for when S. is gone on TDY like he is now for 3-4 months at a time) to get pregnant, and started to choke up a little when I said, "I'm starting to come to terms with the idea that we might just not be able to get pregnant ourselves," she said, "Jesus Christ, Rose, I guess I should have waited to talk about this when you weren't going to cry all over yourself in public." Then she said, "I guess I didn't know if you chose not to talk to me about you guys starting a family because I told you that I thought you were too heavy."

We were in Hobby Lobby, and I had picked out a couple of accent pieces to hang on my wall where my new, big picture is hanging (pictures to come). My sister had given me a Kohl's gift card for my birthday. My mom told me she was going to buy the wall art for me as a birthday gift. So we were waiting to check out and I said, "Oh, if we're going to Kohl's let's go back home really quick so I can get that gift card, it's on the table."

She said, "What for? It's not like I'm going to let you pay for anything. Happy birthday!"

I thanked her and smiled, and we went about our business. Hours later when we got home after she had bought me some clothes on a shopping spree at Kohl's, she said, "Well shit, here's that gift card you had! And I just spent all this money!"

She got up at 6am on Saturday morning and cleaned her bathroom after I had already cleaned it, and cleaned my kitchen after I had already cleaned it. And made sure she told me she felt like she needed to clean them.


Saturday she said she wanted to eat something "light" so we were on our way to the "something light" place and then she smelled the BBQ from the BBQ joint and talked me into stopping there. Then later of course, she had to say, "You know, you did have barbecue today."


Standing in the hardware store trying to find some nails to help hold up the new wall art, she kept bouncing back and forth on what she wanted. They need to be brown. They need to be black. They need to have a flat head on them. They need to be an inch long. They don't need the flat head if they're an inch long and brown. Maybe these would be better. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I said, "Let me go get a guy, and ask him, hang on."

She said, "Good lord, Rose, don't embarrass yourself. I don't have any questions."

I said, "If you don't have any questions, why have we spent eight minutes standing in front of the nails and fasteners section in Ace Hardware?"

She got quite angry and snatched up a packet of brown paneling nails and we left.


"Rose, you should have a glass of wine."

"No, I'm okay."

"No, seriously, have a glass of wine."

"No, it's okay. You just said you want me to drive us up the street later and pick up burgers, I shouldn't have any wine if I'm going to be driving."

"Well Rose, if it came down to it, I could drive us up the road, right? Why won't you just have a glass of wine?"

"Are you trying to calm me down, or something?"

"Well yeah, I thought it might help."

I get up, go in the kitchen, find my smallest wine glass and fill it half full.

"Wow, I guess I really had to twist your arm to get you to have a glass of wine, huh?"


After dinner and sitting in the living room she says to me, "You can't let S. come home to this filthy house." We talk about how my house is not filthy. Then somehow it comes up and I get a little choked up, that S. was supposed to maybe go to Iraq this year instead of where he ended up going.

Then she argued with me about how ALL MILITARY WIVES (except me) know exactly where their husband is and how long he will be gone and know many months in advance he will be going. (S. thought he was going to Iraq but couldn't tell me for a number of weeks, because the information was classified, and I am totally okay with that... but she refuses to understand how since he has a classified job and his travel is classified, why that means he can't tell me where he's going even though someone in an infantry brigade might know four months in advance that they are slated to go to Iraq.) So we argued about that. Then I pointed out that the reason why we were having some tension around here before he left was because they changed the plans up on us and he couldn't tell me where he had been slated to go and all that stuff.

And she says...

... wait for it ...

"Well, looking around here I can only hope that the reason for his stress before he left was work-related."

I got so pissed off I just left her sitting there and went to bed. She insists she did not "imply" anything.


Sunday at lunchtime I told her I would make us some lunch. She insisted she was not hungry. The minute I got her to the airport, at 1:30, she bought a turkey sandwich.


She told me she was going to phone me when she got home to let me know she was okay. But she didn't.

So that's the highlights. :)

Everything other than those things and a few other little passive-aggressive moments I haven't detailed here, was pretty decent.


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