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Friday, March 30, 2007

News, news, news.

First of all, apparently I am not allowed to post pictures of pocky, as blogger is blocking them but no other pictures. Which pretty much pisses me off.

Second of all, I have some news about S. Good news, overall.

He will be coming home before the end of April, it looks like, which is right at 90 days. He re-enlisted while he was TDY this time (four more years! four more years!) and it seems nobody really put 2+2 together to realize that his DoD ID card expires on 5/4.

Well, guess who can't get on a AF plane to come home if they don't bring him home before 5/4?

Yeah, that would be my man.

So he will be home before the first of May, in theory.

In other news, when he gets back here he will be moving out of his godforsaken shop and into a much better job. WOOT WOOT WOOT. He was personally requested for a job in a higher-profile shop doing a more-critical job that is something he really wants to do.

Instead of having to work shift work (although he's been shift lead on every shift he's worked on and NCOIC in his shop) and change schedules up periodically, he will be in a days-only, weekdays-only, shop. NO on-call, no weekends, no overnights, no swingshift. YAY!

I'm really excited about that. So overall, this is a wonderful, amazing change. There is only one drawback.

The deployment schedule in this shop is 4 months out of every 12, or rather I should say, he will be gone for four months at a time -- it could be as much as 8 months out of 12 that he'd be gone if the rotation got wonky (gone for 4, home for 4, gone for 4) ... and it appears he will be in the sandbox.

(We are in an example of a wonky deployment rotation right now -- he was gone for around 2 months (supposed to be 3), then home for 3, then gone for 3)

There are so many good things that come out of that scenario, with the new job. Those of you who are military wives will totally understand it. More experience for him. More things he can learn to do. Places he can see and ways to grow professionally and personally. The good of it ultimately will outweigh any danger to it, if there even is any... in his job, he would not be necessarily in a hostile area.

But it will still be an adjustment for me and for us. And I can only hope we might get blessed with getting pregnant before he has to turn around for 4 months and leave again. :)

I don't know, I'm only venting. You guys know I can't really give specifics about what he'll be doing or where, or anything. I just had to get some stuff off my chest, I guess.

In other news, my ear infection appears to be gone. Now my ankle hurts like I broke it. I am losing some weight. S. is doing fine where he is, but he wants to come home. I am generally tired. My throat doesn't hurt any more. And I am sniffling substantially less snot.

How are you doing?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And what is this POCKY of which you speak...?

(Pictured: STRAWBERRY Pocky)


Pocky, that glorious Japanese treat. Pocky, the only "junk food" that we really allow into our house on a regular basis.

Oh, Pocky, you come in so many flavors, and you are so delicious, I love you so.

In my pantry? Right now?

Green tea pocky. Green tea MOUSSE pocky. Peach pocky. Strawberry pocky (with bits of strawberry). Man Flavor Pocky. Inside-out pocky. Soybean paste Pocky. Black sesame Pocky. Dark Chocolate Mousse Pocky. Regular Chocolate Mousse Pocky.

In my pantry, ever? All of those, plus regular chocolate pocky, regular strawberry pocky, white chocolate mousse pocky, coconut pocky, pineapple pocky, purple sweet potato mousse pocky, pocky decorer (dark chocolate with designs on the outside), "winter season" pocky (dark chocolate mousse dredged in cocoa powder)... the list goes on and on.

Pocky. Pocky, pocky, I love you so.

Pocky is a delicious Japanese snack food that can be found in just about any market that has Asian specialties, including commissaries (for those of you who are familiar with AAFES), and even some Wal-Marts will carry regular chocolate and strawberry Pocky.

Pocky is like... I'm going to have to find a way to explain it. Pocky is delicious little thin sticks, about as thin as a small pretzel stick. But about as long as three small pretzel sticks. They are not salty, or bready, they are like a vanilla cookie stick. And then they dip them in different coatings.

Then, they package them about 10 sticks to a foil pack, and they put those foil packs in a box, and they put the box on the shelf, and you buy it, tear into them, and eat them.


If you google "Pocky" you will find pages and pages, wikipedia pages, fan pages, fan listings, all extoling the benefits, virtues, and amazing yumminess of everything that is Pocky. You can also find lots of fun/funny Japanese Pocky commercials on YouTube and other pages.

I am on a Lortab right now (by prescription, thankyouverymuch) so I am too lazy currently to find and link all the fun Pockyness.

I would just tell you this: If you can find it, buy it and try it. You won't be disappointed.

Oh, and I know it sounds risque, but "Man Flavor Pocky" is actually just pocky sticks dipped in dark (bitter) chocolate. They're my favorites, and if you can find those (green box) I would highly recommend them.

The red box is what normal, chocolate, original pocky looks like. If you can find it with Japanese writing on the outside, all the better. Other countries make Pocky too, and they are all slightly different -- chocolate Pocky from Japan will be slightly different than Thai Pocky or Filipino Pocky. You just have to hit and miss. While the non-Japan varieties are slightly less expensive usually, I don't think they taste as good.

Please, for the love of Pocky, can you guys share your Pocky stories with me in the comments? For all the folks who have no idea what Pocky is, I know there are some of you out there who do.


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I just want him to get it.

His care package(s), that is!

Poor S. has been building me a list of stuff to send down to him. I keep saying, "I'll just wait until I have this next thing he's asked me for and then I'll send the box." Well, then he'd add to the list.

Then I got sick.

So I've been a bad wife, and by the time I went to the post office to send his care package to him, it ended up being enough to fit in two USPS flat rate priority boxes.


I sent him:

1) Jogging pants he wanted
2) Cargo shorts he wanted
3) Three t-shirts he wanted
4) Three (new) pair of socks
5) Peach Pocky
6) Men's Flavor Pocky
7) Caramel Pocky
8) Strawberry Pocky
9) Chocolate Mousse Pocky
10) Cheese Pretz
11) Wasabi Peas
12) Wasabi Cashews
13) Meltyblend (Strawberry AND regular)
14) Some kind of funny looking cookie biscuit things I got at the Asian market
15) Inside-out Pocky
16) Some other crackers he wanted.

I'm going to have to send him another box here pretty soon, as a man can only live so long on pocky. I'm sure he's going to have some other requests for me to send down there, probably more savory than sweet if I'm guessing right.

By my calculations the box should be there today or tomorrow -- we've been checking the postmarks on the boxes that have been showing up down there, and it seems like right at a week is the amount of time it takes.

*fingers crossed*

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A Fat Rant.

I found this on a friend's LJ, and wanted to share. I really enjoyed it.

For the record, upon my life insurance physical examination, my weight was 234 pounds.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

And life gets back on track...?


Well, let's see. What's been going on?

As I wrote before, I had to have a blood test. Here's THAT story.

I went to apply for some life insurance, this is something S. and I had talked about on and off for a while and I figured I'd just get it done while he was gone. My insurance agent had assured me that they had some policies in smaller price/limit ranges that didn't involve a blood draw.

I am needle-phobic.
(from Wikipedia:)

Vaso-Vagal Trypanophobia

People who suffer from vaso-vagal trypanophobia fear the sight, thought or feeling of needles or needle-like objects. The primary symptom of vaso-vagal trypanophobia is vasovagal syncope, or fainting due to a decrease of blood pressure.

The physiological changes associated with this type of trypanophobia also include feeling faint, sweating, nausea, pallor, tinnitus, panic attacks and initially high blood pressure and heart rate followed by a plunge in both at the moment of injection. In this case, the patient is more likely to react passively as opposed to aggressively.

Associative Trypanophobia

Associative Trypanophobia is the second most common type of trypanophobia, affecting thirty percent of needle phobes. This type of trypanophobia is the classic specific phobia in which a traumatic event such as an extremely painful medical procedure or witnessing a family member or friend undergo such, causes the patient to associate all procedures involving needles with the original negative experience.

This form of trypanophobia causes symptoms that are primarily psychological in nature, such as extreme unexplained anxiety, insomnia, preoccupation with the coming procedure and panic attacks.

Resistive Trypanophobia

Resistive Trypanophobia occurs when the underlying fear involves not simply needles or injections but also being controlled or restrained. It typically stems from repressive upbringing or poor handling of prior needle procedures i.e with forced physical or emotional restraint.

This form of trypanophobia affects around 20% of needle phobes. Symptoms of this form of trypanophobia include combativeness, high heart rate coupled with xtremely high blood pressure, violent resistance, avoidance and flight.

I have an overwhelmingly complete combination of all of the symptoms of all three types of needle phobia. In short, I go from perfectly rational to freaking out, sweating, crying, kicking, trying to run away, panicking, hyperventilating, screaming, and passing out.

I have even punched a nurse and kicked a dental hygenist or two in my day. No lie.

So, when I went in for my initial consultation for the life insurance, we agreed on a policy and a limit that would not require a blood draw. Unfortunately for me, it turns out that was at the "underwriter's discretion," and they phoned me two days later to tell me that the underwriter had determined I'd have to get blood drawn anyway.


That was on a Monday. I spent the next two days completely freaking out, with my insurance agent trying to work it out where I wouldn't have to have a blood draw. That, you can imagine, is a concept that sunk like lead shot in a rain bucket.

In talking with S., we agreed that it seemed inevitable -- I would have to have blood drawn at some time. It was going to have to happen. S. wanted to be here for it, but understanding my very, very severe phobia, I would have given myself an ulcer in the remaining two months of his absence just waiting for him to come home so I could get blood drawn. It was going to have to be all or nothing, now. Find a policy that maintained no blood drawing, or just get it the fuck done with. Now it was just a matter of finding someone to go with me.

S. made the suggestion that I ask J., who is: (1) one of his best friends here, (2) the husband of one of my best friends here, (3) 6'1", (4) 230+ pounds, and (5) an Army Infantryman. I suppose the rationale behind that was that he'd be strong enough to hold me down or keep me there if needed, and he'd be able to keep calm enough through my panic to help me calm down, too. Fortunately for me, J and his wife were both on board with that idea and J. was not working the afternoon of the test, so J. became my blood test escort.

The physical was originally supposed to happen here at the house, but of course after I told them I was needle-phobic they insisted that I had to go THERE to the lab to have it done (God/dess forbid I be comfortable in my own home for the traumatic experience) and I had to have someone else drive me there (lest my car get a mind of its own somewhere between home and the appointment and just never arrive [I've done that] or pass out at the appointment and then not be safe to drive myself home [done that, too]. J. was here right on time, drove me to the appointment, ran blocker between me and the nurses who stuck the back of my left hand (ow!) and did a very good job of not getting weirded out when I (1) panicked, (2) cried, (3) screamed, (4) started to pass out, (5) kicked, and (6) wanted to flee.

So, today the blessing in my life is for friends who would have taken me to my blood draw. I am so lucky to say I have multiple friends here that I am sure would have gone with me. And if you're reading this and nodding your head that you would have taken me, then you know who you are. :)

The long and short of that is, that they came back and rated me very well even though I'm a little heavy (perfect blood test, I'm as healthy as a horse -- a chubby horse, but a horse nonetheless) and actually issued my policy at less of a rate than they had originally quoted me. So, that's a good thing, woot-woot, and yay.

The bad thing about it was, I gave myself a cold with all the worrying. It did as all colds I catch do, and immediately took up residence in my chest. I went to the doctor on Friday and they were kind enough to tell me there's really nothing they can do for me, as they are assuming it's viral... so I was prescribed some medicine that I'm not taking to help me not cough, and I'm just supposed to rest. And you know, get better.

So when I kicked the cold out of my chest, a rebel contingent took up residence in my right ear. YAY. I'm a little frustrated, being 37 years old and having the beginnings of an ear infection. I'm taking garlic and vitamin C and all my vitamins, some Guaifenesin (Mucinex) to help the fluids get thinner and drain, and I bought some ear drops today that are supposed to help with the pain... I'm also putting hot compresses on it. This is the second in a series of medical issues that affect my work in the last week or so... stuck me in the back of the hand? Black! And blue! BLACK AND BLUE! For a week! Sore! For a week! Typing? Yeah, I had to suck it up.

And now? I'm half deaf in one ear. What's that? Hearing lawyers and recorded interviews and psycholgogists talking to me? Sure! I can hear in the left side!

As regards work, things are going pretty well. I have a new client, and he's wonderful, and he loves me. And he keeps giving me work, which is excellent. I would love to have two or three clients like him, and then I could get rid of the pain in the rear-end client I have who just drives me freaking insane. INSANE. Oy. OY OY OY.

(lots of oy)

I've also taken on an enhanced role in the local car club, helping out a lot with the sponsorship efforts of the club and the events. Most recently we had a car show at the local Ford dealership, where 57 Ford Mustangs came out and participated. We raised a lot of money for the club and got some great publicity, and it was a HUGE turnout on very short notice. I even cleaned up and showed the Mach1, and although she didn't win any prizes, she did get a good second look from the judges and LOTS of compliments.

I think that might have me caught up. Up to speed, as it were.

The weather here has been so nice of late, I'm ready to start working on the patio again and starting my herb garden. I want to grow an absolute ton of herbs and this is going to be the way to get it done, I think. Start early. Grow fast. :D If the weather stays warm, I'm going to have a much better early growing season than last year. (Oh, EJP, are you out there? Have any seeds you'd like to swap this year?)

Well, I guess that's about all I've got. If you haven't heard from me in a while, rest assured I still adore you. I've just been a little ... meh ... lately. Hoping that I can get back into the regular blogging. *fingers crossed*


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Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Blogger, Head Colds, and Other Goodies

I had to change everything over to the "new blogger" today. If stuff starts to look wonky, please tell me so I can try to get a handle on it.

I'd been postponing it as long as I could, and they finally forced my hand.

In other news, I am sick.

In other other news, I am sick because I found out I have to have a blood test taken on Friday, and I am freaking out.

That's all I've got for right now... maybe when my head clears up a little bit I'll be able to write some more. :(

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