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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Does Rose Have to Come Up There and Choke A Bitch?

Holy hell.


I swear to God/dess, this is the phone call I had this afternoon:

"Hi, Rose? Hi, Mr. Manager here from the dealership. Okay, so your car is HAUNTED!"

"I'm sorry?"

"Your car! It's haunted!"

"You're going to have to explain."

"The tech has been driving it for half the day trying to recreate the problem. We can't seem to get it to recreate the problem. He says it's one of the smoothest-shifting Machs he's ever driven, or that we've ever had here at the dealership. 1-2-3-4-5 and Reverse, every gear goes smooth as silk."

"You have got to be kidding me."

"Nope, he didn't even know what was wrong with it and came to ask me, because he had no problems with it at all."

"You have GOT TO KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT DONE HERE, Mr. Manager. Right? Please tell me you know that."

*slams head on desk*

*slams head on desk*

*slams head on desk*

*slams head on desk*

*slams head on desk*

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The One In Which She Goes Rather Apeshit


So, you all know that I am generally a mild-mannered, easygoing, simple-to-please girl. I don't ask for much in my life, I just crave some stability and some consistency, and I like things to work how they are supposed to work.

So last night we have Bubbles, our beloved 2004 Mach1 Mustang, out for a little trip to meet up with our fellow car club members for dinner. We're heading north on I-44 and the engine's purring and everything's fine, and S. goes to shift her from 4th gear to 5th gear.

And then, S. goes to shift her from 4th gear to 5th gear.

Then he tried from neutral to 5th gear.

And neutral to 4th gear.

And 4th gear to 5th gear.

... do you get where I'm going with this?

That's right, we lost the tranny. AGAIN. Back in November, we had her in the "shop" for an extended period of time getting an entirely new transmission put in her, under warranty. Shortly after that we had it back to the shop for some shifter parts that needed to be replaced since they had put a whole new transmission in the car, but hadn't replaced the mechanical parts in the shifter that butt up against the new transmission. (Transmisisons and shifters tend to work much better if all the parts line up and are even.)

Now, it looks like something's broken or gotten horribly mis-aligned within the shifter mechanism that won't let the car shift into 1-3-5.

We pulled to the side of the busy freeway and phoned some club members who were on their way to the same meeting. They were kind enough to come wait by the side of the road with us and then give us a lift following the tow truck back to the dealership, where we dropped off my car. I also had an extended conversation with "whoever the highest ranking person at the dealership is that I can talk to RIGHT NOW, and I'd prefer a general manager or [The Owner Guy] himself, please."

(Turns out, it was the New Car Manager, and he helped us get the car taken in and a "love note" written for the service manager, so I am expecting a phone call from the dealership some time this morning.)

When we were sitting on the side of the road after calling roadside assistance and while waiting for our friends to show up, I was so pissed off, so completely horked, so undeniably worked up, that my fingers started tingling and I was seeing spots and stars... I was starting to hyperventilate and was going to either pass out or lose my damn mind. Thanks to S. and a phone call to/from another friend of ours, I was able to calm down finally and become a little more functional.

We took our saviours out to dinner for coming to get us and missing the club meeting themselves.

Sounds like me and the service manager are going to have at least a telephonic pow-wow today. I guarantee he doesn't want to see me in person.


While writing this post, Mr. Service Manager called me. I gave him the update. He claims he can get the car into 1st gear but it is VERY VERY HARD to shift into 1st gear. He also listened to me refresh his memory about the awful situation with the car we had last time and the awful service we got and how frustrated we are/were with everything... he says he has it in a stall right now and will have a tech on it first thing and will get back to me by noon.

Fingers crossed, everyone, fingers crossed. Please, please, please. We have warranty on this car until September and I don't want any more wonky bullshit.


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Monday, May 28, 2007

I am the best wife in the world.

For today.

That's right, today I have beaten out all other wives, to temporarily hold the #1 Wife In All The World spot.

Pictures will be forthcoming. :-D


Here's the newest addition to our family and the reason why I am the best wife ever. Not only is it economical on fuel, thereby reducing our environmental footprint and saving money, but he got to pick out exactly what he wanted (within his budget).

She's a 2003 Honda Rebel 250cc.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I can kill two birds with one stone.

1) S. comes home today. TODAY. TODAY. TODAY. TODAY. TODAY.

2) My amazing darling and dear friend Aza tagged me.

Seven weird things about me

1) I like to eat salsa mixed with cottage cheese on cucumber slices.
2) I talk to myself, especially after four months on my own.
3) I have times where I'm afraid to drive.
4) It's very hard for me to justify ever, ever, ever buying or doing something for myself.
5) I pull on my own hair when I get nervous and frazzled.
6) My hatred for brussels sprouts, acorn squash, and bitter greens knows no bounds.
7) Sometimes I call myself Sissy Sassypants.

As I am too completely frazzled to tag anybody I hereby ask you ALL TO DO IT.

That is my wish! Let it be done! MAKE IT SO, NUMBER ONE.

love all you guys so much

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I suck.

SO here are the updates.

1) My father announced he was going to propose marriage to his young chippie girlfriend. (40 year difference, she has 3 relatively small kids)

2) My father announced they went to get a marriage license.

3) My father announced that the wedding would be 6/3.

4) My father announced that the wedding would be 6/2.

5) My father announced that he had to have back surgery and would be laid up for many months, causing us to cancel our plans to visit him in Mexico in July or August.

6) My father said he wanted to pay for us to fly to the wedding in Vegas, which was going to be a big pinch because we'd have to get leave for S., since he will have only been back a short time by then.

7) We started working on trying to wrangle some leave for S., between a change in shops and a change in jobs and an international deployment and a change in leadership both here at home AND at his detatchment. (not an easy task)

8) My father announced that we should buy FULLY REFUNDABLE TICKETS to the wedding because he didn't know if there would be a wedding or if he wanted to "go through with it." Then he went to Mexico for "three days" and he has been there for ten days and he is still there.

9) My father had bouts of screaming at me and belittling me periodically in the last two weeks.

10) My father told my sister that the wedding is a sham.

That's right.

A sham. A show. All glitz. All sizzle, and no steak.

You see, they've been married for between two and three months already and he's been lying to us about it. They ran off and eloped and didn't tell anyone, so the wedding is just really an extravagant coming-out party for her, and something to show her family because they are trying to put on the charade that the official hitch date is 6/2.

So I am not fucking going to fucking Las Vegas so I can fucking watch my father pretend to get married to the girl who I HAVE NEVER MET and my sister HAS NEVER MET and who we have NEVER TALKED TO ON THE PHONE or TRADED EMAILS WITH or ANYTHING, so I can watch her kids be in the wedding and watch her family embrace him as their family while we are the only ones looking on who have anything to do with him.

And on and on and on and on, blah blah blah, pissed that he lied to me, blah blah blah, pissed that I put so much energy into worrying about his wellbeing, blah blah, pissed frustrated, blah blah.

And 11) S. comes home tomorrow, and it's not a moment too soon.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Military Spouses Day!

Military Spouse Day was first celebrated in 1984 when then-President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the observance to honor the contributions of military spouses. The military now sets aside the Friday before Mother's Day each year to pay tribute to the spouses who play a vital role in the nation's defense.

I'd like to take a moment to wish a happy Military Spouses Day to my amazing friends that I've met through this blog, plus all other military spouses.

You have a very, very, very, very, very important job.

I hope you get appreciated in all the amazing ways that you deserve it.

Much love,

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